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"By not taking responsibility, you are victimizing yourself."

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Know your why

As a leadership coach, I am a firm believer that a person has to be able to lead himself before he can successfully lead another individual, a team or an organisation.

Where is the best place to start?
The first thing a great leader should do is to determine what his purpose is. This is his ‘why'. I don't mean the fancy purpose or mission statements that you see hanging on walls that no one understands or pays any attention to. I mean the purpose, the guiding reason that the leader has for the business...

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Success at the top

Often companies begin at the lower level when implementing performance-oriented strategies. Susan Bagyura, Leadership Coach and LifeSuccess Consultant, says it is critical to work from a higher level, not a lower. She shares more such insights and more from her book, The Visionary Leader.

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It is all about the mindset

In an era where we are witnessing crashing of businesses, the new book "The Visionary Leader: how to inspire success from top down" by Susan Bagyura offers some solace to the wearied antrepreneurs. Susan has weaved a practical compendium directing business managers how to lead from the front in this era where business has become very competitive...

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Goals and more

It was morning coffee and interesting conversation for the American Women's Group (AWG) with Susan Bagyura, author of "The Visionary Leader: How to Inspire Success From Top Down and Small Business Coach". The talk was held at the Omani Women's Association office on Janyuary 11...

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Muscat resident publishes management guide

It was morLiving and working in some of Europe's busiest cities has given Susan Bagyura, an American writer now residing in Oman, a unique insight into the way businesses are run and why they fail. Susan came to Muscat six months ago with her husband Stefan, a diplomat attached to the Austrian embassy, and launched her new management guide, The Visionary Leader (Life Success Publishing), at Turtle's in Jawharat a' Shatti last week...

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