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"Susan Bagyura has been coaching me for several months now. During this time I have been making major changes and expanding my life. As I have been going through this period of growth, Susan has helped me to strengthen my resolve and understanding. I have been taking myself to a higher level, learning to be more. Susan has helped me to keep my vision and to move forward with my goals."

Matthew Steinbrueck,Ravens Nest Inc ,Steinbrueck Native Gallery
Successful Life LLC,Seattle, WA, USA

"I can speak from experience about Susan Bagyura and her style of coaching.  As someone who has had both the pleasure and the benefit of being coached by her, I can honestly say that Susan Bagyura has a rare and wonderful mix of insight, sensitivity and accountability which have proven invaluable.  She's a treasure!  Don't let her get away!"  

Kim Luret, Model Scout & Author
Paris, France

"Susan is an intuitive and creative coach and is passionate about helping clients.  She manages to combine gentleness, perception and understanding and helped me to go through many terror barriers and take significant steps forward in my life.  She believed in me and helped me to develop the belief in myself that I needed to attain my goal."

Shirley Kay,Osteopath
England, United Kingdom

"If you are considering Susan as a personal life coach, I can absolutely recommend her as a person of integrity, dedication, and insight. She has been very diligent and generous in encouraging me and supporting me to stretch my comfort zone and has been there for me as I have taken my first baby steps in new ventures. Thank you Susan for your continued encouragement as I grow to be all that I can be."

Yvonne Chamberlain, Director, Freedom Enterprises
Melbourne Australia

"I have known Susan Bagyura for one year now and have had the privilege to be coached and mentored by her.  It has been one of the best years of my life and has brought countless positive changes into my life as well.  Her insights have been of tremendous value for the continued development of my businesses and also on a personal level.  I can highly recommend her very professional and talented services!"

Karen Benson,Certified Kinesiology Practitioner,
Professional Pianist/Singer Entertainer,Minneapolis, MN, USA

Susan Bagyura has been a part of my journey ever since I released my demo and then the full CD, Songs of Ascent, and it is through her generous support that Songs of Ascent was made in the first place.  Since that time, Mid West Flawless Entertainment has signed me to their record label and took over the sales, distribution, marketing, publicity, etc. and sending me on tour around the U.S.  I could not have come this far without Susan!

Ellen M. Wilson,Singer, El Paso, TX

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