“The people who receive the most are the ones who give the most. This is true of individuals, but also for businesses. If the focus is on how can we give the absolute best service. ”

The Visionary Leader Self Study Program (Downloadable for Immediate Access)
Susan Bagyura, a renowned leadership coach, takes us through the step-by-step process of finding your leadership style(s) and competencies, discovering your purpose, how to vision your company’s future and so much more. After all, your company is a reflection of your leadership and direction. This fully comprehensive program consists of 10 audio sessions and a 120-page workbook on how to develop the leadership mindset! This includes the eBook.
Price: $995.00

Discovering Your Purpose For Your Leadership
In this MP3 and workbook, Susan teaches what every leader must know to discover their purpose for their leadership. She has a simple, but comprehensive method to take you through this process. Once you are clear on your purpose, it is easy to know the ‘why’ for your staff and your customers. You might say ‘why is this important?’ That’s the point. Until people understand what your ‘why’ is, they aren’t committed. And if you don’t bother to understand their ‘why’, you will never get their commitment.
Price: $199.00

Change Your Results NOW
In this MP3 and workbook, Susan tells all her secrets on goal setting and achieving. She shows you how to break them down into 90 day chunks and then gives some simple, but powerful tools to help you chart your route and track your progress on a daily basis. Leave the past behind and look forward to the future you are creating knowing it is yours.
Price: $149.00


The Visionary Leader: How To Inspire Success From The Top Down - Hard Cover Book
Finally a 'How To' guide for leadership in today's economy! In The Visionary Leader: How to Inspire Success From The Top Down, Bagyura places her 25 years of coaching, sales and entrepreneurial experience into the reader's hands. Bagyura believes success in every area of business and personal life is all about the mindset. While someone is complaining about how bad business is, another person in the same industry and the same marketplace is experiencing their greatest growth. In her coaching and consulting programs, instead of teaching people what they already know to do, Bagyura shows them how to take the lid off their thinking and go after what they really can do!
Price: $24.95

The Visionary Leader: How To Inspire Success From The Top Down eBook
Price: $9.99